Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Neighbors and the Happiest Sound

This is what my street looks like

So you can imagine how happy I was to hear this...

The best neighbor in the world plucked down $750.00 for a snow blower, he also came to my rescue when my son realized I had locked us out of the house, thanks a bunch for all you do Mr. Butch.

LJ is stuck at my house until who knows when in this weather but what better place to be stuck at than Grandma's.

He didn't have a hat, gloves or scarf, Grandma to the rescue, I crocheted him a hat and made a scarf and mittens out of his left over football fleece, he didn't have boots but I couldn't do anything about that so he didn't stay out long in this weather.

As you can see he made the most of his limited play time.

Wherever you are stay safe and warm.


JC said...

Hey there. I guess it's your turn. We've been blessed with the white stuff since 2/5 and I've been off work since. Gonna try to make it in tomorrow. Your neighborhood looks like mine. I have plenty of pics, too.

julia said...

I would love it if my grands got "stuck" with me. You lucky lady!!
Good neighbors are so wonderful!

Tanya said...

Love the skirt. Having two toddlers who always want something stashed, I refuse to wear anything without deep pockets.