Monday, March 29, 2010

Wearing 5450

You never really know until you wear it, this ridiculous pose shows the sleeve width, plenty wide enough wouldn't you agree. I really should have taken a rear view so you could see I figured out how to tie the blouse without them showing but as my son reminded me it was 7:00 in the morning. I lengthened blouse about 1 1/2 inches and raised the neckline which prevented the gaping issue I read about in one review.

It ties under the blouse in the back which is fine until you go to the bathroom, you have to remember those ties or they could end up in the toilet, not a well thought out design. The pants look a little Steve Urkelish, the last time I made them I lengthened them about 4 inches and had to cut almost all of it off but I wish I had left a little more length, they're fine with heels but today wasn't a heels kinda day and I don't have that much of a hem, I could take it out and add hem tape.

After all that you would think I don't like it but I do, I think one of things I like most about blogging is sharing the pattern issues we find, we're all way too hard on ourselves but if it helps someone else I think it's worth it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I finished McCalls 5450 (stitch and save) and I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is supposed to tie.

The pattern envelope doesn't show any exposed ties, which is why I choose this view but I'm baffled as to how this is accomplished, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The few reviews I found on pattern review showed it tied in the back and I guess this works but it's not the look I was hoping for, I'm sure it's something simple that I'm missing so I hope blog land can help me out.

The sleeves were circus like huge, I probably removed at least 6-8 inches and there's still a decent amount of flounce. Other than not being able to tie it I'm really happy with the way this turned out, the fabric is really easy to work with and I love the colors.

Another pair of Butterick 5222, in brown to wear with the untieable top, I think I can officially call this my TNT pants pattern.

The pattern is not lined but I think pants are so much more comfortable if they are so these and any other's that I make will be lined. I can't remember where/when I purchased this lining but it's silky soft.

This is cut out and waiting but I don't think I will start it until next week.

I was awarded the:

by Andrea at Knit-Knac the rules are I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself and then nominate 7 other people to do the same but of course I never follow the rules and if you've been reading my blog you already know more than 7 things about me but here are 7 blogs that I enjoy reading. - a 23 yr. awesome knitted, I wish I started knitting this young maybe I wouldn't be so bad at it now lol. I love this blog great knitting tips and wonderful inspiration she makes the cutest outfits for her adorable daughters. I started following this blog because she is an awesome knitter, she has recently started sewing and I'm blown away by her work, she must have the sewing gene because she's a natural Her energy amazes me. Another awesome seamstress very creative, if you haven't seen her duck tape prom dress you should.
Happy Crafting

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap

What an incredibly busy weekend. So let's get started, I decided to paint my spare (Grandson's) room. This room was a nursery when we moved in and soon after my Grandson was born so I just left it. Well today he turns 7 so it was way past time to paint.

I'm terribly color phobic so I will probably never paint a room a big bold color, this is celery ice, love it. I plan to get a new bed, carpet and other misc stuff before I can call this room complete. I'm really proud of the paint job, painting was the easy part, patching holes and taping off took forever; my Grandson helped me paint, he is such a little worker bee, doesn't flinch at anything and he does great work as you can see. My DD's friend said she was sure I broke some child labor laws lol.

It was his birthday weekend so I had to squeeze in some fun couldn't make him work all weekend, we did the Make It Take It at Michaels, he enjoyed making his chick.

His birthday party was at the skating rink, my gift was new skates, and you can bet they're old school, two wheels side by side, no in-line skates. This is him and his little brother-from-another-Mother.

Him with his Father.

And a gratuitous cute baby pic.

I'll leave you with this....

My friend called to say she found a huge spool of yarn at the flee market for $15.00 and did I want one I said of course but couldn't imagine that she would bring me a life time supply. I told her this yarn will probably out live us both.

I think the first project will be a rug as part of my spare room makeover.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Susie Serger Saves the Day

I know, I know that has to be the corniest title ever, it was going to say "Captain Serger" but that just didn't seem right. If I didn't have a serger this top would definitely be a "wader".
After browings my patterns, I decided on Simplicity 2852, view E, there were several contenders but in the end I choose this one because I though it would be the easiest to self line and would transistion well into Spring. This fabric is paper thin and was horrible to work with, I knew it would need to be self lined when I purchased it but for .95/yd no big deal right.
I know I've posted about my database during the design/implementation phase but I just have to say how much I love it. I know it's not for everyone you need to be an above average geek but this is what I do and I love being able to filter for a specific pattern type or just click through and see what's available. They're all filed numerically in my file cabinet, makes everything very handy. The hardest part was the inital upload now I make sure I add new patterns as I purchase them. Speaking of new patterns....

These two are dualing to be my next project, the black and white is houndstooth, it looks like a check in the pic. Can't make up my mind, what do you think?

I was so done with the top I had no desire to model it hopefully I will get pictures soon. The pants look red in the photo but they're actually rust colored.
Happy Crafting.