Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap

What an incredibly busy weekend. So let's get started, I decided to paint my spare (Grandson's) room. This room was a nursery when we moved in and soon after my Grandson was born so I just left it. Well today he turns 7 so it was way past time to paint.

I'm terribly color phobic so I will probably never paint a room a big bold color, this is celery ice, love it. I plan to get a new bed, carpet and other misc stuff before I can call this room complete. I'm really proud of the paint job, painting was the easy part, patching holes and taping off took forever; my Grandson helped me paint, he is such a little worker bee, doesn't flinch at anything and he does great work as you can see. My DD's friend said she was sure I broke some child labor laws lol.

It was his birthday weekend so I had to squeeze in some fun couldn't make him work all weekend, we did the Make It Take It at Michaels, he enjoyed making his chick.

His birthday party was at the skating rink, my gift was new skates, and you can bet they're old school, two wheels side by side, no in-line skates. This is him and his little brother-from-another-Mother.

Him with his Father.

And a gratuitous cute baby pic.

I'll leave you with this....

My friend called to say she found a huge spool of yarn at the flee market for $15.00 and did I want one I said of course but couldn't imagine that she would bring me a life time supply. I told her this yarn will probably out live us both.

I think the first project will be a rug as part of my spare room makeover.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


judy said...

Looks like your grandson had a great bday! That is definitely one huge ball of yarn!!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

That's a really cool make and take!

Vmommyx4 said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the yarn. Your grandson is a cutie, how blessed you are!

Angela said...

Love the color of the room! Happy birthday to your grandson! Wow, that spool or yarn is huge!

Julia said...

Happy birthday to your grandson. He is so lucky to have a grandmother like you!!! What a cute chick he made! I love the room color. Anything in the green family is for me.
I wouldn't know where to begin with that much yarn!