Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Blame Tyler Perry

That's right I'm blaming Tyler Perry because I haven't finished this yet. We went to see "Madea's Big Happy Family" Wednesday night and I haven't worked on this since, I guess it's not all his fault between that and working on my room makeover I haven't had any time to sew.

All I need to do is finish the sleeves, hem it and add the snaps, BTW I think I'm going to go with the pearl ones, even though I did find the silver ones at a different JoAnn's, everyone voted for the pearl ones and you guys are usually right.

So far so good, I lined it with white broadcloth.

I have the same fabric in red/white and plan to make another one, maybe I'll use the silver snaps then. We won't even talk about my Month of Tops, only one done so far and it's not looking good for this weekend.
Oh well, sometimes life gets in the way of sewing.


Faye Lewis said...

It is going to be beautiful!

Sheila said...

Its not even finished and I'm loving it.

Omega said...

Wow,really cute, that's awesome for a summer dress. I have a pattern almost like that one...hmmmm.