Sunday, April 18, 2010

I started before I got the call

When I made this dress for Trisha last year I knew what I wanted to do with the scraps.
This morning I was itching to get started on this. I made the suit sometime in the 90's, before digital cameras, I used a forest green (which was really popular in the 90's) with a pretty floral for the collar, it came out great. I stayed up all night working on it because I wanted to wear it to lunch with a client, I got a lot of compliments on it.

This time I'm making the dress (view D), then I got a call from my dear friend Gwen asking me to accompany her to a funeral, what a terrible coincident. In any case now I'm in a hurry to get this finished before Friday. Which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't so anal. I'm showing the front pattern piece here because I learned the hard way when making this type of dress to add a few inches so it doesn't gap when you sit down, I think this tip came from Sandra Betzina. Of course it will be fully lined and every seam finished, you know I'm anal right?

This simple Butterick 5046 top took forever, funny it's a fast and easy, not if you're me. Since it's another sheer fabric I wanted to line everything except the sleeves. Even though it's lined I finished the seams of the sheer fabric with a french seam and serged the lining seams, which was left over broadcloth from the shirt dress, which washed beautifully BTW.

Pas vous amour juste une couture fran├žaise, that's french for, "Don't you just love a French seam." I don't speak French I found the translation here. I also did a rolled hem. I still have to add the buttons and hem it, I couldn't decide 1 or 2 buttons, shank button or not, anywho I need to finish this so I can start on the dress because this top will be perfect for April in Arkansas.

I've figured out if I wasn't so anal I could crank out a lot more but then I wouldn't be happy with it anyway. So I guess I'll just be happy with quality not quantity.


judy said...

Cute blouse! Even the lined inside looks nicely done!

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear you have to attend a funeral and send my prayers to the family.

You did a great job on the blouse and it is soooo pretty.

Carol said...

You're not going to believe this, but I pulled out that wardrobe pattern yesterday! I love your blouse, the fabric is so pretty.

gwensews said...

That's a terrific top. Very nice. And, I'm anal also. Really, there is no cure. One has to except it and make immaculate garments. There's no other way for those afflicted!

Lesalicious said...

Nice work like always loving that blouse so cute. :)

Angela said...

Great blouse! I adore that fabric! Sorry to hear about your loss... sending you best wishes!