Monday, April 5, 2010

Shirtdress Drama and some Easter Pics

I switched patterns for the shirt dress, the 1987 version had pretty much disintegrated and then I remembered I had this McCalls 5847. I cut out view C (the red one) but I added the pockets to this view.

I had my heart set on silver snaps and wouldn't you know neither JoAnn's or Hancock had them in stock, really, simple silver snaps and you don't have them, it's not like they go out of style.
Since they didn't have silver I purchased these pearl snaps instead but I really, really want the silver ones, I think either one will go with the shoes I plan to wear it with. So do I try to find them on-line or go with these?

Here I am trying to do a twirl in my kite top, my son says it looks like it will fly away like a kite. I love the way it wears very soft and fluttery.

The boys were very serious about the Easter Egg hunt, last year if their egg had "pick a prize" inside they got to choose a toy.

They knew what was up this year and were intent on finding those eggs.

But McKenzie was just having fun. This picture makes me smile.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and please help me out with my snap dilemma.


Omega said...

Cute Easter pictures. I can't wait to see you shirt dress done, I have that pattern. It'll be nice to see it made up. Also loving the sheer shirt great for summer.

Faye Lewis said...

I think the pearl ones would look very nice, but I know how it is when you have your mine set on something else.

Angela said...

I like the pearl ones, too, but it sounds like you really want the silver so you should get the silver ones. :)

Looks like you had a great Easter!

Julia said...

I know what you mean about just wanting what you want and not being happy with anything else, but those snaps do look fine. Your grands are adorable hunting those eggs so earnestly. The twirling princess is so sweet!

Sheila said...

Ooo seersucker... oh how I love seersucker and like the pearl snaps rather than silver ones. Looking forward to your shirtdress.