Monday, May 10, 2010

No Sewing but a lot of Love

If I knew how to do a strike through it would say no successful sewing, this is McCalls 5522 and I cut a generous size 12 and I can't even begin to get it closed. I think I may finish it for a tiny co-worker. Speaking of co-workers and going slightly off topic, while discussing our Mother's Day weekend, a woman said, she got the best Mother's Day gift ever, everyone said, "Oh really what did you get" and no lie she said with a straight face; "my son gave me a RAT, I named her lulu". Seriously, a live rat and this isn't just a little weird to you. It takes all kinds but nobody better ever give me a rat for Mother's Day or any other day; they're called vermin for a reason.

I received many heartfelt cards and my DD's standard Mother's Day balloon lol.

And this beauty from the world's greatest neighbor's.

After my sewing let down I moved to a different craft, I have swatched this tank top about 90 times, only a slight exaggeration, the 9 row lace pattern kept mocking me and my gauge was horribly off, after some serious Tanya math, I finally got my gauge worked out and completed the lace pattern, yipee! Hopefully I will finish this before Summer is over.

I hope everyone had a wonderful ratless Mother's Day.


Carol said...

I like this knitting very much.

Julia said...

A RAT! Not for me! Ugh!!!
I hate it when a project doesn't work out the way I planed. Your crocheting looks wonderful!

Branka said...

LOL i just laughed my bum off thank you so much for the rat story:)))

Angela said...

A rat?! Hahaha.. I wouldn't want a rat either! Great progress on the knitted tank. Sorry about the shirt!