Saturday, June 19, 2010

Much Better (pic heavy)

McCalls 6688 is finished and I love it.

Inside out view, I lined it with white broadcloth because it worked so well with the dress and the top, very cool and comfortable in warm weather.

I am terrible with mirror pictures, thankfully my GS came home and was my mini photographer. I went with a fabric tie but the white shows the tie detail.

As you can or I should say can't see the fabric tie blends in.

We had free tickets to the zoo on Friday. LJ had the peacocks eating out of his hand.

Strutting his stuff, so pretty.

Grandma's kool dude.

It was and still is sweltering here, tomorrow we're going to the water park, should be a good day for it and since the zoo ruined my hair for the weekend, why not.
This is next weekend's project. I purchased this black and white pique fabric on sale at Hancock for the vest and solid black pique for the walking shorts. I may take a few inches off the collar it looks like it might be a bit much.

While getting this fabric cut a lady asked me what I was going to make, I told her a Sandra Betzina pattern and asked had she heard of her, she said that she has met Sandra Betzina in person on several occasions, I asked her if she was nice because I just couldn't stand it if she was a snob, the woman said that Sandra Betzina is very nice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Faye Lewis said...

Your jumpsuit is too cute. I bought that same black and white pique too, for a dress.

Sheila said...

You are definitely in sync with the return of the jumpsuit from the 70's & 80's... it is definitely a fashion trend and it looks so comfortable. I like the back detail.

Elaray said...

I looked at those shorts a few weeks ago. I was a little put off by the pleat in the front. I'm interested in how they will look.

Carol said...

I love the lacing at the back. It looks really good.

Julia said...

Great dress. Cutie Patootie little man.

Angela said...

I love the back detail! Great job!

Andrea said...

Love the jumpsuit. I'm a fan of them. Nice job.