Sunday, June 27, 2010

Real Quick, Real Easy

For me that always means a knit. This is Butterick 5219, I made this last year and remembered that it was quick and easy, I didn't do the bottom band so this is a combination of view B and D.

This knit is very thin so I lined the top, I don't want to have to hunt down a camisole every time I want to wear it.

I believe that God performed the loaves and fishes miracle on this knit tricot fabric I purchased in Texas two years ago, I have used it countless times and there always seems to be just enough however I think this is the last of it, I only had enough for the top half but that's what needed the lining anyway.

This weekend has been crazy busy. My Aunt Vicky's bus trip to Canada stopped here on the way there and back, when they arrived here Sunday night I had to take her friend to the ER because she cut her foot in TN and needed stitches, they couldn't go to the hospital in TN because the bus would have left so they waited until they got to Cincy. Thankfully the ER wasn't the usual nightmare and we were able to get in and out in less than 3 hours. Also my friends from South Carolina were in town, which meant a lot of cooking but it was so worth because he was able to install my new ceiling fans in the basement for free, I had an estimate from Handyman Connection for over $200.00. Thank God for good friends.

(Right to left, Aunt Vicky, Auqanetta and Sherry)

Gratuitous photo of my GS from last Sunday at the water park, I forgot the sunscreen (bad Grandma) and we fried.

Now we're off to see Toy Story 3.

I hope everyone had/has a great weekend.


Carol said...

I really like the way you've lined this top. It gives cover where you need it and leaves a little room for ventilation. Brilliant idea.

Jada said...

That was a good idea how you line that top.

Angela said...

Great print! I'm glad you had enough tricot left... it's perfect for your top!