Monday, July 5, 2010

Light Sabers and SlipNSlide

He looks like the big fight scene in The Last Airbender, which BTW I don't recommend it was a bit of a snoozer. We went out to Kings Island to see fireworks, Grandma caved but this picture is totally worth the $7.00.

If there wasn't a slip n slide during your wonder years I feel a little sad for you.

Didn't get any more sewing done and since I'm waffling terribly on what to do with the pique I just moved on to another project. This fabric is black linen-look from Hancocks, love linen hate the wrinkles.

I'm doing view B/C shirt/jacket.

Speaking of the valley of indecision pique fabric this was my latest maybe, I was considering (red/black view) use white for the top, print with black piping for the waist inset and the black for the skirt, what do you think, it's definitely an 80's pattern but I kinda like it. I did make this during the 80's and wasn't crazy about it but I think it was poor fabric choice and not the pattern.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend, from what I've seen on other blogs it looks like there was a lot of sewing going on.


julia said...

I want to play at your house!

gwensews said...

Good old Slip&Slide! My daughter had one, and I recently bought a double for my two little grandsons. Great backyard fun!

Sheila said...

Your GS had a ball. I have that McCalls pattern and will stay tuned for your project. I think the white top and skirt done in black would look great, especially with the black piping.