Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pixie Dust Cardi-Wrap

I think everyone who sews has made this cardi-wrap, except me. This was part of my inspiration for my Friday night Macy's Music Festival outfit. I named it the Pixie dust cardi-wrap because the stuff that makes it so shiny also made a big mess.

I've had this fabric for 10+ years, it was initially purchased for a prom dress that never was, I thought it would be the perfect compliment to the eggplant jumpsuit I plan to make. Thanks to Mimi for that inspiration.

Remember this dress I made a couple of weeks ago, I never wore it because it just wasn't working for me, even after I took all that time to make the stupid fabric rose, I just couldn't bring myself to wear it and once again I can thank a fellow blogger for inspiration. The straps she used on her muslin dress made me remember that I had some crocheted lace in my stash that just might be what this dress needed. I think I will wear it now.

Saturday night everyone usually wears white as a salute to Frankie Beverly and Maze, thankfully they will be performing this year but I can't do plain white. Hopefully I will get this finished before Friday. One day I will learn but today is not that day.

I have say Happy Birthday to my girl Mo. The Birthday club didn't disappoint, we take good care of each other. Enjoy.

Last but not least I met one of my followers Saturday morning at Hancock, I apologize I didn't get her name but it was so nice to meet her and her daughter, who is a budding seamstress. I was a little jealous since it appears I've lost the battle trying to get my DD interested in sewing. It was really cool to meet someone who enjoys reading my escapades.
Thanks for the inspiration and keep on blogging, I need the help.


Faye Lewis said...

Your cardi is nice. Enjoy wearing it!

Angela said...

Nice cardi and plans! :)

gwensews said...

That's a pretty cardi. I can see it dressed up for evening wear. And perfect for the winter holidays.

toy said...

i like the cardigan, it will look great with a white top and jeans, very chic

Sheila said...

Sparkly and pretty and will dress any outfit.