Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They've Found a Home

Remember all those silver snaps I just had to have for the seersucker shirt dress and then I ended up using the white snaps, they've found a home on McCalls 5817. They look great against the black.

It's rare that I get to sew during the week but I've been taking Nancy Zieman's advice, sewing for an hour or two and I'm making great progress on this jacket. The pattern called for top stitching but the seams were laying so beautifully I couldn't bear to top stitch.

I knew I saw the inspiration for my cable sweater somewhere, this is from a free Bernat booklet for participating in an online survey. I was supposed to only get two booklets but the link didn't work so they gave everybody all 4. I'm really tempted to frog what I have and make this instead.

Decisions, decisions to frog or not to frog that is the question.

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Great move, the snap looks good on that pocket. With regards to frogging... it depends on how much you've done so far. if you're half way done then frog