Monday, August 16, 2010

Wearing Blue Belted and my Fabric Cue

Rachael requested a picture of me wearing blue belted and you can't disappoint a girl on her birthday. The fabric looks shiny but it isn't.

I really need to start hanging out with my girls more to work on that little muffin top thing.

I tried it with about six different belt/shoe combinations but my photographer was not willing to do all those pics. I will probably wear it with the gray studded belt and silver sandals.

Why do I always cock my head at such an un-natural angle lol.

This was going to be last weekend's project before the A/C died. It's only been cut out for almost a year. My first fall outfit but once the A/C died all bet's were off and I opted for one more summer dress. Maybe this weekend.

This is my fabric cue, really it's just a bunch of fabric piled on a bench. They're all fabrics I don't want to put away and forget so I keep them out until inspiration hits. The hounds tooth will be a fall jacket, I just have to decide which pattern.

I think I want to make the red view out of the purple/eggplant that I used for the jumpsuit, also for Fall.

What's in your fabric cue?


Faye Lewis said...

My daughter and I also cock our heads in that unnatural position - it's habit that has become quite natural for us (lol). Love that blue dress!

Sheila said...

You look lovely in blue... ah yes, I have a few family members that cock their heads every time a picture is

Carol said...

The blue is lovely and looks great on you.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

A great summer dress!

Jada said...

That is a cute dress!

Angela said...

Beautiful blue dress! Sorry about your A/C, too. Hehehe.. I kind of walk around with my head tilted. My friends use to make fun of me in high school. :P

toy said...

you look great!