Monday, December 27, 2010

Jamming Jammies and how not to pay 12.00 for Slipper Soles

McCalls 4979, these will be for my friend Gwen, the bottoms will be plain brown flannel.

Side view, don't you just love it when a good plaid comes together, I know this isn't really a plaid but I just wanted to say that, anywho the pattern matched up great.

I'm crocheting these slippers to go with the pj's, the yarn is lion brand suede turquoise and red heart brown. Read on to see how I figured out how not to pay 12.00 for slipper soles. I purchased a pair and they were fine but they were 12.00 freakin dollars.

I'm sure most of you scrapbooker's have several pairs of these handy hole punchers around.

Use those handy hole punches to make holes in the non-skid stuff you can get at any fabric store, sew on with sock weight yarn or embroidery floss and wa-la slipper soles for very little money. I would like to try and find this in a different color but I have also used the eyeglass cleaner cloth that you can find at most $1.00 stores.

After making all those pj's for the boys I knew I wanted a pair, never mind that it was a Mens/Boys pattern. I would much rather have a pair of fleece pj's that are decent enough to leave the house in than a snuggie. I've made many, many snuggies but never for myself. I have enough blankets. I almost forgot please meet Molly, I finally received a dress form from my DD for Christmas.

Speaking of my DD, here she is modeling her jacket. Please excuse her hair she said she's going to get a New Year's Weave lol. She's still cute as a button.

Another 4-day weekend is on the horizon and I hope to do some serious sewing for myself. I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

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gwensews said...

When I saw those cute PJs and saw my name, I thought "wow, thank you so much for making those for me"! In hindsight,I guess there's someone else who has my name! Your daughter's jacket is marvy also!