Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lets Get this Party Started

This will be my first "Over The Top" top. I'm participating in Faye's Over the Top Challenge. This is McCalls 6124, view A.

I attempted to make a blouse using this fabric and it was an epic fail, I cut a generous size 12 and it was way to small. I even tried to gift it to a tiny co-worker and it didn't fit her, I can't remember the pattern but it's noted in my database so I won't make that mistake again. This blouse was pretty quick and easy and best of all it fits. I still have to add the buttons/button holes.

I organized my crochet and knitting mags, they were driving me crazy stacked on my dresser. A co-worker shared this with me so I thought I would share. It's very simple but I didn't think of it until she showed me.

I got the magazine sleeves from Staples and the binders were free from work. Now they're all labeled and put away. I also got a dolly for my many bins of fabric, it makes it so much easier to just roll them out of my storage closet.

Here's the khaki version of McCalls 5523, view B again. Came out great, I even got the zipper on the left side, in the black I inserted it on the right side.

I lined it with this sunny yellow.

Which matched the RTW blouse I wore with it, too bad nobody knew but me.

I also added 1 inch elastic to the back which helps the waistband to lay flat.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Faye Lewis said...

Love that skirt, I know you'll get a lot of wear out of this spring/summer.

Jada said...

Cute skirt and top,I like that color.

gwensews said...

Terrific blouse! I love stripes. I think it's super that you used a yellow lining in your skirt. What fun to have a little secret!

Sheila said...

You are on a roll. first over the top garment and liked how you use the yellow for the lining of your skirt.

Angela said...

Oo... very nice job!