Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maybe When I Retire

I will have an Etsy shop. A co-worker said how his wife was busting their budget by buying stuff on Etsy for their newborn daughter, when he showed me what it was I couldn't believe what they were selling for, so in an effort to save him some money and maybe make a little myself, I whipped up several pairs of these "fancy pants".

I would much rather have spent that time making something for myself but it made them happy. The hair bands are nothing more than a huge flower clipped to a store bought band.

We've had 6 babies born in as many months, 3 girls, 3 boys so there's definitely a market for them but I don't know that I will make anymore. I do enjoy making little girls clothes I may make a few sun dresses and sell them over the summer.

I know you guys are tired of seeing my one sock but I wanted to share my .99 sock blockers. Please forgive me but I don't remember where I saw them.

Gotta love Hobby Lobby.

I received the book I won from Faye at Faye's Sewing Adventures, bloggers are awesome. You should check out her blog she's having some great giveaways. Thanks Faye.

Didn't have a lot of sewing time this past weekend, we went to see Rango on Sunday. My GS and DD were disappointed that it wasn't in 3D but I enjoyed it. Just a note, there were several small children that were freaked out by the animals in the movie so you may not want to take weeones to see it.

Hopefully my semi-unselfish sewing will bring good vibes my way and I will get something accomplished this weekend.


Carol said...

There are loads of babies being born here at the moment, too! What was going on nine months ago?

Sheila said...

The fancy pants are downright adorable.