Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy as 1,2,3

It should say easy as 3,4 and 5 because that's the number of tops I've made for the Over the Top Challenge so far. This is Simplicity 3786, view A. I used more of Trudi's gifted fabric, I used hem tape for the trim. I like it a lot. This is Butterick 5217, view D. I admit it's awfully similair to the first black and white knit top I made but I like it anyway and it used up more of my stash. I told my girlfriends that we were to old to wear leggings but I might have to break my own rule because I think this top would look great with a pair of leggings.

And before you think that I only wear black and white, (which I do a lot) here's a pop of pink and white for summer. This is Simplicity 4076 view B, I just love a flutter sleeve on summer tops.

On all of the tops I cut a size 12, for this one I lengthened it 3 inches because I didn't like the top of the waistband length. I'm sure I will need to raise my arms while wearing this top and I don't like flashing people.

I don't know if this can count as part of the Over the Top Challenge but I have a baby shower to attend and whipped up this little onesie tutu. Apparently tutu's are all the rage on Etsy, selling for $25.00. After making this one I see why you need about a million yards of tulle but after figuring that out it was pretty easy. The little princess bling is an iron on.

Here's a picture of me wearing Simplicity 3790, great top belted or not.
I don't know if I will get any more tops made before the 15th but this has been a great jump start to my Spring sewing. Thanks again Faye for sponsoring this challenge.


Faye Lewis said...

You are so welcomed, and I thank you for joining up again. I think 15 days was just enough for a top jump start. I liked it a lot better than the 30 day challenge.

Your new tops are gorgeous. Don't you love putting on a new top and feeling all brand newish?

Carol said...

I love that first Simplicity top. You've been so busy and I've sewed nothing!

gwensews said...

Those are super looking tops! And the baby dress is just too adorable!

Aminat said...

Beautiful, love it belted, and those are great tops you've made....Please pass along some of your

Jada said...

Very cute tops! I am loving that baby dress.

Sheila said...

Sista-friend you are on a role... please send me some of your sewing mojo.

You did an awesome job on the tutu... too cut.