Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chicago Take Two (Very picture heavy)

I was in Chicago again last weekend for my friends daughter's graduation. Here's little Ms. Ashley with all her senior attitude showing.

Here's the cute little girl I know, all grown up. Her dress was gorgeous, I'm sorry that I didn't get a picture of her prom dress it was red-carpet beautiful. The girl has style.

The family.

Proud Papa.

The graduates, they didn't do cap and gowns, the girls all wore white formal dresses.

Proud Mama, the sun was in her eye's she should have borrowed some sunglasses from the Diva.

Proud and crazy Aunties.

I had a great time in Chicago, these people are like family to me they adopted me when I moved to Chicago almost 30 yrs ago and have never let go. Then I had to get home.....
The bus broke down about 40 miles from Indianapolis and we had to wait 4 hours for them to send another bus from Chicago. I think this picture of the bus driver pretty much sums it up. BTW she was great. What should have been a 5 hr. trip turned into 12 hrs.

This is what the middle of nowhere looks like. Actually the bus driver was smart enough to pull into a truck stop that had a Subway so at least there were bathroom facilities and we could get something to eat.

I told everyone to smile and say "stranded". Everyone on the bus was great for the most part there were a few people who blew a gasket, a few people that were only going to Indy were able to have someone come pick them up but this was the fate for the rest of us, four hours at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.

There was a couple that have been married for 61 years on the bus and a baby who became quite cranky, when she started to cry everybody on the bus would start to sing. Now when I hear a baby cry I break out with "Wheels on the Bus go round and round". At least I received a full refund and met some really great people.

After two weeks with no sewing I'm feeling a little twitchy I NEED to sew, hopefully I will get some done.

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