Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paying it Forward

I stopped by JoAnn's to get some yarn to finish a hat for my sister, low and behold they had marked the Vogue patterns down to 4 for 1.00, yep you heard right 4 for 1.00. I didn't have time to browse but I went back on Monday and purchased quite a few.

76 to be exact, they were only .25 cents I couldn't talk myself out of any of them but I'm not that selfish, I plan to give away most of them on my blog. The plan is to upload a pic to my flickr album and let my current followers choose until they're gone. I hope to have this done by the weekend so please check back.

There's some of everything in there, I bought every plus size I found because I know those are sometimes hard to find, hopefully there will be something for everyone. This is my way of saying thanks for following my blog and all your encouraging comments.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This and That

Where's the love, apparently this post made Schey scream, there are a lot of people who aren't happy with this dress but there are just as many who are so I'm going to reserve my opinion until I actually wear it. I remembered this Vogue jacket that I made a couple of years ago, which provides another styling option in cooler weather.

Speaking of Vogue, the JoAnns store that's 5 minutes from my house is closing, all the Vogue patterns were 1.99, I purchased a few last week and went back this morning and got these.

I know the last time I posted that I was incorrect they were 3.99 so here's the receipt.

They are also selling some store fixtures, pattern drawers are going for 20.00 I had to resist purchasing one, my current file cabinet is sufficient and that would only make me buy more patterns.
My friend's daughter made this adorable remote caddy for me, she's 11 and sews with her Grandmother, maybe one day I will get to do the same I've given up on my daughter ever catching the sewing bug. I love the fabric she knows I LOVE watermelon.

Still early in the weekend I hope to get some sewing done. Just kidding about Vogue 1250 everybody's entitled to their own opinion, please don't be offended.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Vogue 1250 Bandwagon

What can I say about this dress that hasn't already been said on PatternReview. It's freaking great and if you haven't made it yet all I can say is, "what are you waiting for". Of course black doesn't photograph well but if you look at the numerous Pattern reviews you can see the details.

I made it to wear with my McCalls wrap that I made last year, I love this wrap and don't get to wear it often, I definitely think it's a winner with this dress. My only complaint, which isn't the pattern's fault is it's a little short for my taste but that was due to fabric constraints, nonetheless I will rock this with some black stockings and nice sparkly black heels. I won't be wearing it for awhile but I promise to take lots of pictures when I do.

I lined the dress with nude knit tricot and it gives the dress just the right amount of stability, I will still wear my spanx because this dress fits like a glove.

I also finished the layout tank for my DD. I started this in June while we were on vacation, I've also been working on the broken rib tank for myself so this really didn't take that long to complete.

I used self-striping cotton Sinfonia yarn, I really like how the pattern developed. I added a 1 1/2 inch ribbing to the botton and made the neckline a little wider but other than that no major changes.

I have a couple of other things cut out and waiting so stay tuned to see what develops.