Friday, June 29, 2012

Perfect Sewing Weather

It's going to be miserably hot this weekend, which is perfect weather to stay inside and sew. I finally got started on the top to go with my white capris. Although according to the Chicago Tribune capris are a summer fashion No-No.

I really, really wanted this red and white sheer fabric. I saw it at Hancock but didn't buy it because I didn't have my coupon, I went back and was told that since it was a "value fabric" I couldn't use my coupon. After sending an email I received a call from the district manager and store manager stating that I could use my coupon, I went and got my fabric, 4.95/yd isn't a value in my book, 40% off 4.95 now that's a value. 

As you can see I still have to add the sleeves and hem it but I will finish this tomorrow morning. Since it's sheer I lined it with white broadcloth, red broadcloth may have been a better choice but it's too late now.

I hope everyone has a creative weekend.

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gwensews said...

That's a pretty to and will look fantastic with white capris, regardless of what some newspaper tells you is not fashionable!70