Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time for a new House Dress

 This dress is older than my son, he will be 21 next week so I thought it was time for a new house dress.

I originally made this dress when we lived in Pine Bluff, Ark I thought it was too country to wear to work but Pine Bluff is about as country as you can get so I did wear it to work. I received so many compliments, two co-workers paid me to make one for them. But now I only wear it around the house when it's unbearably hot. I've been wearing it a lot these past two weeks.
I didn't have a serger when I made this, it's fun to see how I did things way back when, obviously matching the plaid wasn't high on the list but even then I did finish all my seams, that's something my Mother was fanatical about, no unfinished seams.

The pattern is so old I'm sure it's considered "vintage", it's McCalls 4297 and yes I still have it.

 I decided to use Butterick 5637 and more of my gifted fabric for my new house dress.

 It's actually pretty enough to go outside. I really like how it came out, although I used the C-D cup pattern piece and I should have used the A-B cup because I had to take in about 1 inch on each side and an inch off the shoulder straps. I didn't have enough fabric to cut four for the bottom two ruffles so they're not really gathered but I still like it.
 I cut bias strips for the armhole facings and used a not so invisible zipper. The fabric is a mystery paper thin gauze, I started to line it but it's just a house dress and if I decide to go out in it I will throw on a slip.

I cut out the house dress while waiting for my fabric for McCalls 6559 to come out the dryer. I had to get on the bandwagon and I've seen the dress made in a similar fabric so I snapped this up yesterday at Hancock. Used my 40% off JoAnn Fabric coupon.  

Don't know if I will get to this today the fast and easy description was a little deceptive for Butterick 5637.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This weather is great for my sewing mojo, too hot to go outside so I just stay in and sew. 


Adelaide B said...

OOOO, nice house dress. I need one of those. I have some mumu style things I got in Puerto Rico, but they aren't nearly as cute as this.

gwensews said...

Terrific dress. After so long, it was time for a new one. I know Pine Bluff. I'm originally from Kennett, Missouri. Also lived in Hayti, Mo.

Sheila said...

I am a fan of house dresses and you did a great job creating another one.