Friday, September 14, 2012

Stuck in Baby Mode

Not much sewing going on here I finally finished my second casserole carrier. I saw this version online and decided to try it since I had purchased the Teflon fabric. I think it came out ok but for amount of work it's not really practical for Christmas gifts so I'm going back to the original design.

 I had to add batting and quilt it, I'm not a quilter.

 But back to what's had me totally preoccupied -- baby stuff. I'm so excited I get to buy baby fabric, and you really only need a yard for most things.

 I picked these two pieces up at Hancock. I have no ideal what I will make but it will be adorable. I LOVED sewing for my daughter but I didn't start sewing for her until she was 4 or 5 so I missed out on the baby stuff, not this time. Grandma is ready.

Here's proof of just how ready I am, how cute are these Wizard of Oz mary jane booties. It's a free Debbie Stoller pattern on Raverly. The yarn is leftover from the slouchy beret I made for my daughter.

 With all the bling going on in the yarn I opted for plain red buttons, they're so stinking cute. I also wasn't knitting when my kids were growing up so I'm going to make up for that with her. BTW, IT'S A GIRL. My DD had her ultrasound last week and I'm thrilled.

Hopefully I can focus on something else this weekend and finally get some sewing done. The weather is getting cooler and that always motivates me.


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Lisa H. said...

Congratulations!! Nice carrier too. You may not be a quilter,but you quilted it beautifully.

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