Friday, March 22, 2013


 This book should come with a warning that you could become addicted to making these adorable little critters.
My second one, and I think she's just the cutest little thing.

 I made a rattle for her head with a Christmas bell and a few beads. I hope my GD likes it.

Then I saw this free rubber chicken pattern on KnitPicks and since I had the yarn I just couldn't resist.

He's a little cock-eyed but I still love it and he also has a rattle in his head.

We're supposed to get more of this over the weekend so hopefully I will get some sewing done.

Maybe my GS will have a chance to make another snowman.

As you can see he didn't get much help with this one.
Oh well he gave it a really good try.

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Jolene said...

How could your GD not love those little critters? They're adorable! (And I'm with you -- inside crafting during the snow, leaving the snowman building to others! ;-)