Monday, March 4, 2013

It runs in the family

I just had to share all the crafty goodness that my cousin sent for my GD. As you can see she loves her embroidery machine and this really makes me want one but they're just too expensive, maybe one day.

This is a blanket that she made and added this sweet design.
 A very cute burp cloth.

Sorry for the dark picture I don't know what's going on with my camera.

 Another adorable burp cloth.
 A personalized baby wipe container.
 Too cute sleeper. This is embroidered on the bottom.
 A onesie taken to the highest level of cuteness.
  I got this book from the library and had to make one of these cute toys.
Here's my octopus, isn't it cute.

And I will leave you with the little one who started this cuteness overload.
I hope to get some adult sewing done this weekend but every time I think that I end up baby sitting, I'm not complaining, they grow up much to fast to miss an opportunity to spoil her.

Be Blessed.


Faye Lewis said...

Everything is beautiful - especially the baby.

DD said...

The embroidery is really cute!! She is beautiful.

Monica D said...

She's getting her fashion start early :)

Angela said...

The embroidery is super cute! Also, great job on the octopus and your GD is adorable! :)

Lisa H. said...

Little Miss Karmen is beautiful. Your cousin is very creative.

Faye Lewis said...

Tanya thank you for joining the sewalong!!!

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