Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life Lessons - Vogue 1167

I cut out these khaki's a few weeks ago and was finally able to finish them. Along the way I couldn't help but see the life lessons this endeavor highlighted.

First gravity always wins. I have learned that I always have to raise the crouch and lower the seat - gravity.

I had almost given up on this style of pant but once I watched the tutorial that Victoria linked it has made all the difference. By constructing the inseam first it allows you to really get a good fit. I also included a nude knit tricot tummy control panel, something I've seen on RTW pants.

 Life lesson - don't forget what you already know. The welt pockets are terrible. I didn't interface them and needless to say I'm not happy with them but the pants fit so well I'm going to wear them anyway.
At least now I have another style of pants and I will make these again and get those welt pockets right. I've had the fabric so long I don't remember the details but it is a bottom weight khaki. Overall this is a very good pants pattern just beware of those darn welt pockets.

Be blessed.


Faye Lewis said...

There is nothing like being satisfied with the fit a pair of pants that you've made- ask me I know. As for the welt pockets, I commend yours. I've only made them once, and really need to get some more practice on the technique. Thanks for linking Victories video. said...

Getting a good fit is paramount so I am pleased you have mastered this. The welts don't look too bad at all, and you can always cover them in any case.

Sheila said...

You did a great job with the pants and the welt pockets look good. Thanks for checking in on me. said...

HI, I'm nominating yo for the One Lovely Blogger award - you can pick it up at my blog

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