Friday, July 29, 2022

Butterick 6351 Drama

I thought this would be a quick and easy make. I was going to wear it to see Janet Jackson last weekend and that didn't work out.

I'm making the jumpsuit and when I got to the instructions on how to attach the pants to the bodice I had a complete melt down. It just didn't make sense no matter how I tried so I walked away to sew another day.

I LOVE this fabric, I found it at JoAnn's, it's lace lined with white polyester. I think the white really makes the lace fabric pop. Since my pants were lined I threw the instructions across the floor and proceeded the best way I knew how. It's not finished but I should finish it this weekend. 

I worked out the construction issues. Instead of having an attached band I created a casing for the elastic between my lining and fabric and I'm going to insert the elastic and then attach the pants to the bodice. I will definitely post a finished picture. 


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